Rancupid Group

PT Rancupid Citra Indonesia / Rancupid Group engages in product sales of Indonesia’s local brands and imported goods. We also export products to the US and Canada online using Amazon Marketplace for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Rancupid aims to meet all the needs of both local and international customers with a variety of items with the flavors of local and international quality. However, we provide services that will make consumers feel the typical Indonesian hospitality with international quality service. Rancupid always looking forward for the satisfaction and comfort of our customers, because for us "Your Smile is Our Happiness".

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Our Family


Rancupid engages in digital media, marketing, and trading.


We produce fashion items of the highest quality and made from 100% local materials.

Support Indonesia’s
Local Brands

Rancupid loves and supports Indonesia’s local brands



Rancupid Mall
We sell our own products and regulate the flow of goods to our warehouse autonomously. We also provide live plants by partnering with Malang farmers that are very experienced in sending live plants throughout Indonesia and even global markets.


Rancupid Travel
We are the only travel e­commerce in Indonesia who receive direct payments in the website and not to travel agent. We are working with trusted agents and provide desirable price suitable for backpackers. We are working on Luxury Trip program and will cooperate with the agents from around the world.


Organic Food

Our food productions are cultivated by Malang farmers. In addition to selling various types of trees, we also process the bounty into banana, jackfruit, apple and kale chips packed in our exclusively designed package and ready for export.